Webinar: Data and Connectivity National Core Study

Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) are co-leading a programme, the Data and Connectivity National Core Study, using research and health data to understand COVID-19 and help our short-term and long-term responses to the pandemic.

Later this month and in December they will jointly be hosting two webinars on their work aimed at researchers accessing data via the Scottish and Northern Ireland Trusted Research Environments.

The first event, which can be accessed via a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device is on Tuesday, November 30 at 2021 at 12:00 pm - REGISTER HERE attend the event on ZOOM.

The second event takes place on Wednesday, December 1 12:00 pm - REGISTER HERE attend the event on ZOOM.

About this event

The Data and Connectivity programme is one of six studies, known as the National Core Studies, supporting the UK’s research response to COVID-19. Established by the government in October 2020, the six National Core Studies use data to identify and respond to essential questions on COVID-19 to inform policy and planning in the UK.
The programme works closely with Trusted Research Environment (TRE) Delivery partners across the UK, including Scottish National Data Safe Haven and Northern Ireland Honest Broker Service, to enable secure, streamlined access to anonymised linked health data for approved researchers for urgent COVID-19 research.
At this event, aimed at researchers accessing data via the Scottish and Northern Ireland Trusted Research Environments, you will learn from Data and Connectivity NCS team:

• An overview of the HDRUK NCS Data and Connectivity aims and objectives
• How the Scottish National Safe Haven and NI HBS partnered with D&C 
• Examples of research using data assets (Scotland and Ireland) – DacVAP would be good to highlight as analyses across both regions
• Overview of the HDRUK Gateway
• Overview of the enquiries and Data Access Request functionality
• Q&A session – (with eDRIS, NI HBS and D&C NCS panel members)

There will be also be an opportunity also to pose questions to the Data and Connectivity NCS and TRE teams.

Find out more about Data and Connectivity here

Find out more about the NCS data assets available and how to access them here