Who we are

We are a collaboration between Scottish Government, Scotland’s leading academic institutions and public bodies which aim to facilitate insight from data to support the COVID-19 response.

We are building upon Scotland’s existing data resources, expertise and capabilities offered by service delivery partners and partner organisations including The Scottish Government, PHS (eDRIS), NRS, EPCCHDR-UK and Scottish Universities. 


Working Together 

Alongside our partners, we will:

•  Build on the national data infrastructure being developed by Scottish Government through investment from Administrative Data Research (ADR UK)

•  Ensure the eDRIS service within PHS continues to support hundreds of data access and linkage projects each year

•  Use the World-Class data infrastructure being developed at Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre

•  Use expertise for data indexing that exists at the National Records of Scotland

•  Use the expertise and services of the Regional Safe Havens, including additional data (with coverage of over half of the Scottish population) to the COVID-19 data holding and national COVID-19 related research

You can find out more about how we are supporting the current public health emergency by bringing together expertise, resource and capabilities from a range of existing programmes across the public sector here.


COVID-19 Data Taskforce

The delivery of our response to the current public health emergency is overseen by the COVID-19 Data Taskforce which is being led by Scottish Government.

It has been established to enable evidence-based policy and operational decisions by organisations in Scotland.

The Taskforce is chaired by Prof. Roger Halliday, Scotland’s Chief Statistician and its membership includes public sector organisations and Scotland’s leading academics.


In Collaboration With

•  The Scottish Government

•  Public Health Scotland

•  The Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research

•  National Records of Scotland


•  ADR UK 

•  Grampian, Tayside, Lothian and Glasgow Regional Safe Havens 


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