Researcher Support & Consultancy Service

The Researcher Support and Consultancy Service assists approved researchers to access data securely. The eDRIS team provide assistance with research applications to the Public Benefit and Privacy Panel for Health and Social Care (HSC-PBPP) and the Statistics Public Benefit and Privacy Panel (S-PBPP); help identify other necessary permissions and approvals; advise on the availability and quality of national datasets; help with the transfer and linkage of data; provide support for National Safe Haven access and can carry out bespoke analyses on your behalf. 
eDRIS work closely with both panels to assist in the quick and efficient scrutiny of applications by the panel members but the panels are operated by data controllers or data custodians.

The level of eDRIS support required can be tailored to meet your requirements and includes:

  1. A named Research Co-ordinator from start to finish
  2. Help with study design
  3. Provision of expert advice on coding, terminology, meta data and study feasibility
  4. Assistance with obtaining the required permissions and approvals for access to data
  5. Liaison with you and the data suppliers to secure data
  6. Support to access data within the National Safe Haven
  7. Provision of analyses, interpretation and intelligence about data (where required)

For more details on the application process and what to expect use the links below.