RDS joins forces with SCADR to co-host existing public panel on data

Research Data Scotland (RDS) is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research (SCADR) to co-host a public panel on data.

Established in 2019 by SCADR, the public panel on data helps to inform research and the use of administrative data in Scotland. It consists of members of the public from across Scotland with different backgrounds and since the pandemic, has met online.     

RDS has committed to involving members of the public directly in our work, as part of our approach to public engagement.   

Joining together with SCADR on their existing public panel will enable us to share resources and continue to grow the panel both in the size of its membership and enhance the different activities the panel can be involved in. 

The panel will gradually transition throughout 2023 and will be co-led by Harriet Baird, Knowledge and Impact Manager at ADR Scotland and Katie Oldfield, Public Engagement Manager at Research Data Scotland.  

Professor Roger Halliday, CEO of Research Data Scotland, said: “ We are committed to engaging with the public. Working with SCADR to co-host their existing public panel is a positive move to ensure transparency and help researchers, policymakers and analysts.

"This will mean we continue to listen and understand how people wish their data to be used, help them see the benefits from research and the robust measures in place to keep data safe.”     

Professor Chris Dibben, Co-Director of ADR Scotland, said: “We are proud of the work we have led through our public panel who provide a critical voice in shaping what we do.

"Joining together with RDS will help make it more sustainable and increase opportunities to influence data research in Scotland. I look forward to the exciting next chapter.” 

We hope to be recruiting new members in Summer so if you’re interested in being part of a public data panel, please contact us.   


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