Research Data Scotland is committed to accountability through transparency and fiduciary responsibility.

A high priority is ensuring RDS’s users and the general public have regular and timely access to information and a firm understanding of our operations and our ongoing strategic direction.

To help meet our commitment to transparency, the Board of Directors communicates its actions, policies, decisions, news, programs and initiatives to stakeholders covering all our policies, board meeting minutes and more.

RDS Board of Trustees

Our Board members bring exceptional and diverse skills and expertise to support us in the delivery of our mission to improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing in Scotland by enabling access to and linkage of data about people, places and businesses for research in the public good.

Our Board is responsible for the effective governance and development of Research Data Scotland, supports the directors in overseeing the delivery of our strategy, monitors key risks, and ensures resources are managed effectively.

Meet the Board of Trustees

Meeting minutes and reports

RDS Transition Board

The RDS Transition Board will have strategic oversight of the RDS delivery programme, including transition from the project phase to RDS becoming a free standing and independent organisation. The Board may also oversee the early operation of RDS until such time all leadership and governance structures are in place.

The Board is chaired by Prof. Roger Halliday, CEO Research data Scotland, and is made up of senior leaders from across the public sector, and leading academics. Secretariat is provided by the Data Access and Statistics Division, Scottish Government.

Meeting Minutes

Legal Working Group

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