Data collaboration: Sharing data and insights

Join us at this FREE DataFest event for analysts, researchers, statisticians and data users on Wednesday, September 8 from 10.00am until 12:00pm


Hosted by The Data and Intelligence Network features key speakers includes:



You will learn how data collaboration solves Scotland’s biggest challenges – using data to save time, money and lives

Join us for a discussion about how we are working in a collaborative way using your data to help solve challenges that face a modern Scotland. Ask questions to a panel of professionals from the Scottish Governments Data & Intelligence Network, comprising of partners from the Scottish Government, Public Health Scotland and Research Data Scotland. 

Open data that isn’t usable isn’t really open at all.

Sharing data in a secure, transparent and responsible way is crucial to building the insight required to make robust, evidence-based decisions. The more data you make accessible and useful, the more evidence you’ll find of its value to decision-makers, and that’s critical for influencing strategy and policy within national and local government. 
Scotland is fortunate in having access to high quality data about our people and places. What we’ve learnt is that quality, completeness, reliability and accessibility are just as important to improve the service we deliver, our focus now is on developing common data standards for use across national and local government as well as the wider health and care sector.

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